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Translated by : Vancouver Sailing Farm – Henry W

In his Grand Live Broadcast on May 15th, Miles Guo exposed the CCP’s use of Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Asset Exchange Co., Ltd. (Lufax) to enlist capital and intelligence for criminal activities. All of the CCP’s kleptocratic families are involved in Lufax. Among them, the Wang Qishan and Zhu Rongji families actively participated, who have held the CCP’s intelligence, financial means, and financial intelligence for nearly 50 years.

After Xi Jinping came to power, he made Wang Qishan the vice president of Communist China, required by the political credibility. But the Wang and Zhu families have actually become sand in the eyes of Xi Jinping. Back then, the only thing Xi could do was to use Wang, after assessing that the strength of the other side was not something he could counteract.

The core of Lufax is a financial intelligence crime center, and all its transaction data should not be counted. It is an organization that uses financial intelligence and private videos as vehicles to commit crimes such as blackmail, and will definitely violate laws if it stays open.


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Posted by: Stone

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