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Translated by: MOS English Team – Lilian H

Miles Guo said in a GETTR Live broadcast on May 13th that the major factors affecting the Russian-Ukrainian war are Zelenskyy and Putin. Any of them experiencing sudden personal safety problems could prompt major changes in the war. What is a war of attrition will shift to a war of deals. The probability of this happening may be more than 70%.

Miles explained that all successful cooperation between Ukraine and Europe and the United States was due to Zelenskyy’s courage and wisdom, and it is hard to say whether there will be such a person after him. On the other hand, Putin’s health is deteriorating, and as an invader, facing the war of attrition waged against him by Europe and the United States militarily and economically, Putin is unlikely to win the war. Putin would be in even greater danger if he were to throw himself into a biochemical and nuclear war. Moreover, because Putin has made so many enemies during his time in power, he could be taken out by his political enemies at any time.

If either Putin or Zelensky were to suddenly have a personal safety problem, the war between Russia and Ukraine would immediately stop and enter a rapprochement. Russia can withdraw from Ukraine and Crimea immediately, and Ukraine’s dealings with Europe and the United States could break down at any moment due to dissatisfaction.

Miles finally added that Zelenskyy does not have much of a choice between the two giants, Europe and the US. he is a tool to be used by the US and Europe. He is a hero but might be a sad one.


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