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On May 16, the Daily Economic News reported that a new round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on May 16, and the eighth increase of the year may become a foregone conclusion.  On the ninth working day of the current round, the valuation of Zhongyu crude oil at 107.17 increased by 2.202 or 2.10% from the benchmark price, the retail price of refined oil is expected to increase by 230 yuan / ton at 24:00 on May 16.

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Calculated by the tank capacity of 50L ordinary private cars, car owners will spend about 10 yuan more to fill a tank of oil after this price adjustment; according to the model of urban fuel consumption of 7L ~ 8L per 100 kilometers, the average cost per 100 kilometers of driving increased by about 1.6 yuan. For large logistics vehicles with a full load of 50 tons, the average cost of fuel will increase by about 8 yuan for every 100 kilometers. The price has increased a lot  for private car owners and logistics companies. Since this year, domestic gasoline prices have been raised by 1,645 yuan/ton, and diesel prices have been raised by 1,585 yuan/ton. Among the seven price increases have been made during the year, the largest adjustment was made on March 17, with gasoline raised by 750 yuan per ton and diesel raised by 720 yuan per ton

Now is the fifth month of 2022, domestic oil prices have risen for the eighth time in a row, on average, once every 19 days, in connection with the eight consecutive increases in oil prices that have squeezed the people dry and unable to consume.


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