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The Daily Economic News reported on May 16 that China Eastern Airlines (600115) announced in the evening of May 16 that in April the company’s passenger capacity input (in terms of available seat kilometers) fell 86.61% year-on-year; passenger turnover (in terms of passenger person kilometers) fell 89.75% year-on-year; and the passenger seat rate was 56.90%, down 17.46 percentage points year-on-year.

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The CCP dictatorship is using the so-called vaccine sequelae as a CCP virus epidemic prevention and control, resulting in closed transportation and cities in most of the country, and a significant economic decline for families, with no more spending on travel to visit relatives. The overall decline in logistics from highways, shipping, airlines, railroads, ports and terminals …… in China is also a sign of the state of the domestic economy, a sign of the economic collapse.


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