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On May 8, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, Larry, a volunteer from Ireland, strongly agreed with the New Federal State of China’s philosophy of exterminating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). After hearing about the various persecutions Miles Guo was subjected to, he said emotionally, “The price of freedom can be life, but if your faith is strong enough, you will achieve what you want because power belongs to the people! “

The following is an interview with Nicole, a volunteer with the Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China, and Larry, a volunteer from Ireland.

Nicole: “May I ask where you’re from?”

Larry: “I’m Larry Quigley, from Galway, Ireland. I came here about six weeks ago, and I’m here to help the people of Ukraine.”

Nicole: “So, how long have you known about the New Federal State of China?” You’ve met a lot of the volunteers here. We’re all members of the New Federal State of China.”

Larry: “I’ve read about it in magazines and newspapers, my friends are talking about it, and I’ve seen it on the Yutube and Facebook. And I agree with it. We are going to have new people coming in. That’s how we can solve the world’s problems and have peace.”

Nicole: “You were born in Ireland and raised in a free and democratic society. What do you think is the significance of the existence of the New Federal State of China?”

Larry: “The first word that comes to mind is “freedom” – freedom of speech, and everyone on this planet should have freedom of speech.”

Nicole: “You know, the Jewish people say, “nest year in Jerusalem” And for the people of the New Federal State of China, we say “next year in Pangu”. Pangu is an amazing hotel project founded by our leader, Miles Guo. In the past five years, he has endured tremendous attacks from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the CCP’s agents in Western society. Some mainstream media outlets have spared no effort to defame and attack him and have also tried to damage his reputation and financial situation.Thus, the creation of the New Federal State of China dose come with a price because freedom is not free. Now, do you want to say something to our founder and many Chinese people who are fighting so hard against the CCP and want to be free?”

Larry: “Freedom comes with a price and always has, and that price could be life. If you believe in something strongly enough, you will continue to fight even if you are threatened with death. If you get that far, you’ve done what you wanted to do.”

Nicole: “Yes.”

Larry: “The power belongs to the people! Power belongs to the people! That’s what it means.”

Nicole: “Yes.”

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