Written by TCG

Casino mogul Steve Wynn was sued by the U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday for lobbying on behalf of the Chinese Communist Regime to expel dissident Miles Guo back in 2017.

This is a big victory for the Whistleblowers’ Movement led by Miles Guo, who is also the co-founder of the New Federal State of China.

According to Fox News, Mr. Guo issued a statement saying: “I am glad to hear the DOJ is investigating Steve Wynn and frankly believe they should criminally indict him for serving as a greedy spy of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Mr. Guo became the number one enemy of the Chinese Communist Party after he started to expose the colossal corruption in China and the communist regime’s plan to destroy the US through unrestricted warfare.

Mr. Guo has been targeted by smear campaigns, lawsuits, extradition, and even assassination attempts. Steve Wynn is just one of the many western spies working for the CCP to silence Mr. Guo.

The FBI spent two years investigating the case Mr. Wynn was involved in. An indictment filed on Aug 17, 2020, at a Hawaiian court showed that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan made multiple attempts to extradite Miles Guo, exposing the Communist Party’s vast global network to undermine the US national security.

Please click the link below for details of the indictment in 2020: Xi Jinping & Wang Qishan lobbied Washington for Miles Guo’s extradition – GNEWS

Steve Wynn’s case marks the downfall of the Western colluders with the Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese government has been using all the resources at its disposal to silence Miles Guo, a desperate attempt that has exposed many Westerners secretly working for the CCP. As a result, these individuals will be sued by their respective governments sooner or later.

Internet censorship started with Miles Guo five years ago. According to the inside information from YouTube, Miles Guo’s live stream got 5 billion views worldwide in 9 months in 2017, a record unsurpassed till now. YouTube later banned Miles Guo from live streaming due to pressure from the Chinese government. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all banned Miles Guo. Like Steve Wynn, many Western companies will bear the consequences of colluding with a hostile foreign government eventually.