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There have been a lot of lockdowns with this deadly COVID-19 virus from 2019. But, the lockdowns inside China seem as the worst and strictest. People’s eyes are drawn to many disasters related to these. Some leaked information provides warning content of the Chinese under CCP regime.

When the first wave of the virus outbreak happened in Wuhan, the isolation was horrible. The Chinese government never put any preparation or early message before the quarantine date. No one was ready for it, so many people could not stock up enough food, water, or supplies.

Personally, I can stay at home for some time; at least I have my hobbies. But still sometimes I do feel suffocated when I am kept inside for too long. In my opinion, children at my age cannot be healthy. No doubt, many other adults couldn’t lay down and do anything indoors only.

I can not imagine how terrible the situation is.

At the same time, it is sad to find a great number of people have to be kept in. I have also seen videos where Chinese citizens tried to go outside their apartments to buy supplies or go get medicine; but they got beaten up by policemen.

Meanwhile, elderly citizens can not get medicine at this time; some people in their 80s and 90s are forced to leave their homes at midnight. Furthermore, Children can’t go outside and play freely. Much worse, some babies are taken away from their parents. Everyone is just stuck in a place where they can’t do anything. It breaks my heart to watch these videos. This is a reality when you have an awful, evil government.

Now, Shanghai city is the one having the harsh lockdowns. All the apartments and buildings were sealed shut. The windows, doors, all locked from outside with metal chains and strong tape. Angry people inside their residential places finally tried to protest by banging pans loudly. But, can you imagine these people could be arrested? What a city, what a country, what a government? The people inside China are suffering a lot. So many people have passed away due to these dreadful events.

Shanghai is one of the many cities in CCP china. If the Chinese Communist Party can create these frightful catastrophes in Shanghai and Wuhan, they can also make it occur to every other town under their control. So you can know there are countless similar stories inside the evil CCP regime. I might be young and cannot do a lot for all of these people. But I can pray for them, I wish they can stay safe.!There is one thing I could do: To take down CCP!

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