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Since April 26, Singapore has significantly relaxed its epidemic prevention measures. When answering questions from members of Parliament, the Singapore Health Minister said that the epidemic prevention measures were only adjusted according to the situation at the time, not canceled. The next step was to adjust the epidemic prevention and restriction measures depending on the changes and severity of the epidemic. If necessary, the differential safety management measures for vaccination and the joint tracking system would be restarted.

When asked by members of Parliament under what conditions to restart differential management and joint tracking measures, the Minister of Health replied that it could not be defined by simple criteria. There were 3,645 new cases on May 12, which continued the increasing trend for several consecutive days. Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said that the current number of cases in the community was gradually increasing but not doubling every few days. There was no evidence that this was a new wave of epidemics. And from the situation at the time, the entire medical system would not suffer a major impact. Thus there was no need to adjust the safety management measures at the time.

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