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1 – Ukrainian authorities stated today that Ukrainian forces have repulsed Russian troops and regained control of part of the border with Russia in the northeastern region of Kharkiv. Russian troops have been countered by Ukrainian forces in several regions of eastern Ukraine.

2 – French automobile manufacturer Renault has sold its assets in Russia to Russia, the two parties announced the deal separately today. The French group said it would retain the option to buy back its stake in Avtovaz within six years.

3 – Ma Xiaowei, director of National Health Commission of P.R.China, pointed out in the magazine Seeking Truth that permanent shelter hospitals should be planned ahead, and provincial cities and ones with a population of more than 10 million should establish 15-minute nucleic acid “sampling circles” and conduct regular testing every week. Increase the frequency of testing for the most concerned group.

4- The impact on the economy caused by the lockdown during the pandemic has become apparent. A series of economic indicators officially announced on Monday fell down, with a sharp drop in consumption and a rise in unemployment rate, showing the worst economic performance in two years.

5- Information and videos posted on social media showed that Peking University students gathered on the campus on the evening of May 15th to protest the school’s construction of the “Berlin Wall”, which separated the student dormitory area from the “social side” and demanded “the same living condition and the same rights”.

6 – Taiwan’s security department confirmed that Taiwan’s opinion influencers trained and funded by China had sent false information on the Internet to influence the perception of the people in Taiwan to achieve the purpose of reunification.

7- The long-term lockdown of Shanghai has caused secondary disasters and public grievances. Recently, the authorities stated that they will gradually lift the lockdown. On May 16, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station encountered a tide of leaving Shanghai.

8- Crude oil trade reminds that the negotiation between Russia and Ukraine have been suspended. Finland and Sweden speed up their steps to join NATO, and escalation of geopolitical tension helps oil price rise.

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Original Article:2022年5月16日战时快讯 – GNEWS

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