On May 15, 2022, at the Medyka Rescue Center in Poland, a young girl who fled Ukraine told Nicole, a volunteer from the New Federal State of China and Rule of Law Foundation, that she believes Ukraine will eventually win this war and Ukrainians will once again have freedom. The Ukrainian girl thanked the new Chinese from the NFSC for helping Ukrainians in this challenging time. She encouraged the Chinese to fight for their freedom as well. She believes that the NFSC will accomplish the goal of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party and returning freedom to the Chinese people.

Here is the interview with Nicole and the Ukrainian girl

Nicole: “Are you Ukrainian?”

Ukrainian girl: “Yeah.”

Nicole: “Is it hard to be away from your home? And how long have you been here?”

Ukrainian girl: “I’ve been here two months. And it’s really hard because you’re often scared about the situation, your friends, your relatives and your family. It’s very hard, you go to a bomb shelter when we have siren. It’s so difficult. We heard the siren; we heard the bomb in Lviv. It’s very nearly to Poland and it’s disgusting. I hope this situation will be better. I hope we have freedom. Because we love freedom. Ukrainian love freedom so much. And we want freedom.”

Nicole: “Yeah. You are not alone. We are with you. And you know the new Chinese people from the New Federal State of China. We have been with you since day one when the war started. We will not leave here until you are free.”

Ukrainian girl: “You are fantastic people. You are really fantastic people. I thank you for your support, for support Ukraine, for support these people. We never forgot this. Really. Really. Thank you!”

Nicole: “And we want to celebrate your victory. We want to celebrate your glory. Glory to Ukraine.”

Ukrainian girl: “Yeah. Glory to Ukraine.  Slava Ukraini.”

Nicole: “And we know the suffering and the pain. We feel for you because the Chinese people we’re also fighting for freedom. We’re oppressed by the Chinese Communist party and we lost many brothers and sisters in communist China. The Chinese Communist Party is Putin’s friend. There are dictatorship and they’re trying to take freedom away from the Ukrainian people and the Chinese people. So, we must fight until our last breath.”

Ukrainian girl: “We all fight and it’s possible. We Ukrainian know it’s possible. It’s always possible. You can change your Parliament; you can change your government; you can, it’s your nation, because you love freedom. And you want freedom.”

Nicole: “Yes. I can see the spirit of freedom in your blood and voice. And I see it in your smile and probably also in your tears at night. And you’re not alone because we share your pain. We share your tears, and we will fight. We will fight until we’re free. And so, we will be celebrating our Independence Day on June 4, which is the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. In 1989. We lost many brothers and sisters, but we never forgot. We will fight. And so, we want to celebrate independence and freedom with Ukrainian people. We want you to stay happy to stay strong and stay positive.”

Ukrainian girl: “Yeah, I think it’s possible. We will win this war we will have freedom. We love freedom. Thank you at all. You’re fantastic people, fight for your freedom. “

Nicole: “Yes. Glory to Ukraine!”

Ukrainian girl: “Yeah, glory for nation. Glory for Ukraine.”

Nicole: “And glory to China, to the New Federal State of China.”

Ukrainian girl: “New China. “

Source: https://gnews.org/post/p2546689/

Translated/Edited: Lish
Published by: Wenwu

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