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The name of the young fellow fighter, Jing Liang, who is still studying as a foreign student, has long been known to the public for his participation in aiding Ukrainian activities in Medyka sponsored by the New Federal State of China and the Rule of Law Foundation. He often appears in the live broadcast connecting with the front-line, or in the video of live interviews. For me, as soon as I heard that pure British accent, I knew that it must be our fellow fighter Jing Liang in the interview.

As soon as I opened the file of the New Federal State of China “Front-line Rescue” materials, I soon saw a picture of our fellow fighter Jing Liang with a beautiful birthday cake. thinking “Is it his birthday today? If so, that’s a blue moon in the sky!”

Sure enough, in a series of photos and videos, I watched a video sent by our fellow fighter Nicole on May 16 local time in Poland, documenting our frontline fellow fighters celebrating Jing Liang’s birthday. They were eating noodles with a piece of birthday cake in front of them. Jing Liang also made a birthday speech at the appeal of his peers. He said:

“It is very pleasant and memorable to celebrate my birthday in the Ukrainian Refugee Rescue Camp. We come here with the doctrine of righteousness and the purpose of assisting Ukrainian refugees and taking down the Chinese Communist Party. We should not only talk our talks, but also walk our talks.”

And one sentence made others laugh with kindness: There are not many chances to celebrate my birthday here in my lifetime…… Young, innocent, kind, and unsophisticated Jing Liang brought joy to his fellow fighters, and a chorus of “Happy Birthday” was dedicated to expressing their good wishes to him on his special day!

Video: Nicole

This is the first time that the front-line fellow fighters have organized a birthday celebration, displaying such noble qualities as unity, friendship, value, and tolerance. I am sincerely touched by what they have contributed. I hope that next time I can see a bigger birthday party celebrated for our frontline fellow fighters who were born in the same month!

You have been spending your time supporting the Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of March nevertheless cold or rainy, so it is a very rare to see you were all together to express love for each other with great care, and you all deserve the love. Prays and blessings for you all! I hope the Communist Party will be taken down as soon as possible and this unjustified and brutal Russian-Ukrainian war can be put to an early end!

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Original Article:一个难忘的战地生日 – GNEWS

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