The Media is refusing to talk about the church mass shooting that was carried out by a Chinese gunman over the weekend. Unless it’s a white person shooting at black people or children, the media has no interest.

But it’s not just the media that’s not covering it; anything that doesn’t fit it’s agenda is quickly set aside. What is disturbing is the lack of attention being given by Asian Non-Government Agencies.

The legacy media and NGOs are ignoring the mass shooting that took place at a church in Laguna Woods. There was some initial interest, until it was revealed that the perpetrator was a Chinese-born gunman who targeted Taiwanese people.

68-year-old David Chou drove to Orange County to attack Taiwanese churchgoers who were attending a lunch held by Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church.

After chaining shut the doors of the Geneva Presbyterian Church in the community of Laguna Woods, Chou placed numerous firebombs before opening fire on a gathering of mainly elderly Taiwanese parishioners.

It was only due to the heroism of 52-year-old Dr. John Cheng, who tackled Chou, that more people weren’t killed. Only Cheng lost his life during the attack in the process of saving the lives of dozens of others.

It was later confirmed that the gunman had deliberately targeted Taiwanese people in a “politically motivated hate incident” because he was upset over Taiwan’s stance towards China.

According to the Intercept’s Lee Fang, this is because the media isn’t interested if white supremacy isn’t involved.

“Don’t see major Asian NGOs commenting on this, even though the attacker was motivated by racialized hate,” Fang wrote on Twitter. “Any time there’s a hate crime that has a bit of moral complexity that falls outside of simplistic oppressor-oppressed narratives, they fall silent.”

“It will be interesting to see whether the FBI dedicates as many resources to investigating this shooting as the one in Buffalo,” commented Chris Menahan.

But perhaps the media’s refusal to devote the same wall to wall coverage of this mass shooting as it does to those carried out by white men is due to the influence of the CCP on Western media. And President Biden, who this week is travelling to Buffalo where a mass shooting was just conducted by a white man, hasn’t even mentioned the shooting perpetrated by Chou, who is a Chinese national. Is that because, like the Mainstream Media, Biden too has been bought and paid for by the CCP?