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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Beyond X

It was reported on May 12th, Trudeau promised to deploy more Canadian armed forces to the Baltic state at a joint news conference with Latvian Prime Minister Karins, but he did not agree to dramatically expand the NATO battlegroups and making their presence permanent in the region.

Image Source: twitter

Canada currently has about 700 troops leading a NATO battlegroup in Latvia, one of four battle groups deployed in the Baltic since 2016.  While Trudeau said he would fully support Latvia against potential Russian invasion, they also have to reassess the risk posture.

Image Source: anadulo agency

Karins believes that the current situation of the Russian-Ukrainian war is completely different from when the Canadian troops were deployed in peacetime.  Due to the extremely high possibility of Russian army going to war at any time, the Baltic state need to have a more solid defense.  Therefore, Karins and his counterparts from Estonia and Lithuania have called for NATO to dramatically increase the troops and equipment for the battlegroups in the region.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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