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Translated by:  MOS English Team – Jack H

It is reported on May 16th, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be held next week in Davos, Switzerland.

Image Source: BBC

As reported, it was scheduled to be held in January of 2022, but determined to stage next week from May 22th to 26th in Davos, Switzerland.  Meanwhile, staffs have set up temporary network equipment, which are readily available to business and political elites attending the coming forum.

Organizers said more than 2,000 leaders and experts from around the world will be present at the forum, but did not invite Russian Government officials or business oligarchs.

The report pointed out the themes of the forum this year include post-pandemic recovery, climate change, accelerating the implementation of stakeholder capitalism, and rein of new technologies etc.

As heard, a group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation into the forum, in accusation of collaboration with other organizations such as the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund and BlackRock.  In addition, the investigation will also focus on their collusion with government leaders worldwide that actively participated in the formulation and implementation of the pandemic (Covid-19) plan committing crimes against humanity.

Image Source: thecovidworld


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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