Description and Translation: Jenny Ball
Review: yuddy

In the live broadcast on May 13th, Miles answered questions from Whistleblowers’ Movement followers about HCN/HDO. Miles said:

You are now promoting HCH/HDO in the hope that more people will understand them. The truth is that those who truly understand HE, HCN/HDO are wise. Finally, the owner of HCN/HDO must be the wisest person on the planet. Let’s wait and see. It is just getting started right now. Currently, only HCN/HDO is a stable currency in the world, and all other currencies claiming to be stable are fake. Why?

What is a stable currency? It is determined by what is pegged! Other so-called stable currencies are based on the design of a third party, and their prices are also uncertain. It is not a stable currency, but rather a deception! It is like a peg to a piece of grass.

For instance, there is no lever for HDO, HDO is not used to do any investment as USDT or LUNA as 60% of LUNA was used to buy Bitcoin, when Bitcoin crashed, LUNA eventually crash as it will not be able to cash its customers. Same as USDT, Binance, they all invested in Bitcoin as their peg. 

While HDO is always equal to $1, there is no third party and nothing to do with any third party. As an example, suppose a couple decides to have a child. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

Regarding HDO, that is between you and the HDO you purchased. If you buy HDO, you will have it for the rest of your life. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Nobody can take it away or manipulate it! Even if the HCN value dropped to zero, your HDO remains $1 and is unaffected. You can spend your dollars whenever you want as long as you have HDO. Have you ever seen a more credible currency on the planet?

When you convert any currency into US dollars to buy HDO, the funds are held in a bank. According to the HE White paper, anyone who dares to take it away from your account is committing criminal fraud:

When you understand HCN/HDO in this manner, you will know where to invest.

link of Miles live broadcast May 13th on GETTR and Youtube: