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Miles Guo said in the video that according to the current collapsed economic form and war disaster facing the world, the United Nations has warned of mankind’s biggest food crisis this year. There is a war between Russia and Ukraine, but the West wants to punish the Chinese every day. The U.S. stock and digital markets plummeted thousands of miles, the stable currency Luan cleared overnight, and the price of oil and gasoline rose to 5 or 6 dollars. The U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse.

Next, the supply chain and transportation chain broke, the demand could not be known in advance, the market was illogical, and the circulation and prices were basically out of control.

The future world market demand and the amount that can be supplied in the future, as well as the docking and commercialization of other scientific and technological goods and products, and the market and stock markets, cannot be evaluated. That’s why Apple and Amazon stocks keep falling, and the visible loss on their financial statements is $7 trillion, while the invisible loss is unknown.

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Nowadays, many people get the virus because they are vaccinated but the test is negative. Except for the spreading truth of the New Federal State of China, the whole world pretends not to know about the vaccine disaster.

In the video, Miles Guo also warned that we are facing an economic market that is absolutely uncertain and unstable, and even more impossible to judge: the food market; the market of the world supply chain; and the vaccine disaster that all mankind has never faced together. The relationship between people, the relationship between people and society, the family, human ability and morality will withstand the test of the bottom line of life and death. This is human instinct. Although human beings and animals are absolutely different, human beings have many animal instincts. Are human beings ready for disaster?

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