Written by: Potato

Translated by: billwilliam

Picture Source: Central News Agency

Recently, Ma Xiaowei, the Chinese Communist Party Secretary and Director of the National Health Commission, wrote in an article: We should adamantly carry out the general policy of “Dynamic Zero Covid,” improve and normalize the virus monitoring mechanism, and be prepared to turn makeshift quarantine hospitals or group isolation sites permanent.

The news indicates that while epidemic cases in China are falling, the virus is still evolving; the Omicron variant is highly infectious and spreads quickly, so relaxing disease prevention measures will result in huge infections in a short period of time. The news stresses that centralized quarantine is particularly important so that medical resources already under pressure won’t be overwhelmed. For example, makeshift hospitals have played very important roles during this round of outbreaks in Jilin Province and Shanghai. The news claims that the current practice of dividing cities into three zones (hard lockdown zone, restriction zone, and prevention zone) is the most effective method to contain the disease. Besides, information technology is incorporated into disease prevention measures for precision controls over the population. In addition, to better contain the disease, major cities in Communist China are building a 15-minute virus PCR test sampling system.     

Some netizens indirectly compared the current “Zero Covid” policy to the temporary traffic restrictions during the Beijing Olympics in 2008—by then, drivers could only drive their vehicles every other day based on assignment of even or odd ending numbers on the vehicles’ license plates. In the end, the so-called temporary policy in 2008 becomes permanent traffic restriction for the residents in Beijing. Aren’t today’s virus PCR test mandates and makeshift quarantine hospitals going to become permanent policies as well?

The Chinese Communist Party regime is gradually stripping away the Chinese people’s freedom like slowly boiling a frog. If the people don’t wake up, the country will slide into a concentration camp mode like in Xinjiang. Makeshift quarantine hospitals will become permanent facilities if the CCP regime isn’t overthrown.