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On May 17, local time, the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, released another celebrity-authored article. The message instantly became a trending topic on social media, Weibo.

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Recently, it has quietly become a trend for celebrities to write articles in the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party. The personages who have written articles are all very popular in mainland China. The content of the articles is based on Xi Jinping’s speech and the indigent characters he has played. The text describes the hardships of life. For example, a star describes life in the desert without water or electricity, and another star describes the filming experience of traveling hard in the countryside as a postman. There is no pain to create pain, and at all times, never forget to appreciate the grace of the party in the pain.

Image Source: the New York Times

Mr. Guo mentioned earlier that soon we would see big-name domestic celebrities start to go to the countryside to do farm work, promoting a hard life for the people. Before that, the propaganda channels of stars were very diverse. The People’s Daily was a purely political newspaper without an entertainment version, and there were almost no celebrity articles in the People’s Daily. Recently, famous domestic celebrities have concentrated on writing papers in the People’s Daily, and the text unanimously calls for a hard life. Previously, the Communist Party expressly prohibited celebrities from using cash to pay and control their money, and they actively cooperated with the party’s brainwashing ideologically. Ignorant netizens also liked and retweeted them.


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