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On April 27, 2022, at the Medyka Refugee Rescue Center in Poland, Alan asked Nicole if there are people with free-thinking in the CCP who will take down the CCP in a peaceful transition? Nicole replied that this is exactly what the New Federal State of China strives for. Because we want the revolution to be peaceful, without violence, and without doing harm to the Chinese people. The Whistleblowers’ Movement has never used any violence against dictatorships because we believe that the resistance and the awakening of the people are the most powerful bullets to kill communism.

Alan conducted the following interview with Nicole, a volunteer from the Rule of Law Foundation and the NFSC.

Alan: “So, when was this tent set up?”

Nicole: “This tent was set up in early March, I think, on March 8th or 10th. In the beginning, we received an average of about 1,000 refugees a day. In March, it was very cold and sometimes there was even frost on the ground and it snowed sometimes so it was cold. People told us it was the only warm tent at night. We had eight heaters in our tent at the time, also had a very high-power heater on the ground, and we had Airbags, you know, airbed sleeping devices, we’ve been giving out a lot of blankets and sleeping bags to help people. It’s time for me to think that humanity should prevail, and we need to be here.”

Alan: “Yes, I feel the same way a lot. Now that you’re going back to China, how many people are on your side and ours?”

Nicole: “You know, dictators are always a minority, a small group of people want to control most of the power and wealth without consent, so they’re just a small group of the Chinese Communist Party, we call them CCP kleptocrats. Maybe they’re just a very small percentage, most of the CCP members, they’re not bad people, but they’re just in a bad situation, so I think there are at least 500 million Chinese who are openly on our side. There may be more people supporting us secretly. They quietly keep distance from the Communist Party, but it is better for them to openly identify themselves now. We have more silent supporters within the Chinese Communist Party, especially within the senior government officials and the military leadership, which really scares the CCP because they’re not afraid of the West. You know, who if anyone can make the Chinese Communist Party threatened most, that will be the Chinese people, especially the people inside Chinese Communist Party.”

Alan: “So, in this case, it’s the same situation as Russia. Of course, because this war is not really against the Ukrainians but the Russians, showing that if Russians try to overthrow the dictatorship, what happens in Ukraine today will be the Russian people’s tomorrow. But you think 500 million people support the new federation of China, which is about 50% of the adult population.”

Nicole: “Yes, the adult population.”

Alan: “Is there anyone in the Chinese? I’m sorry, I don’t really know Chinese politics, but I wonder if there are more liberal people in the leadership who may want to take down the Chinese Communist Party and have a peaceful transition, like what happened in the Soviet Union in 1990.”

Nicole: “Yes, that’s a good question. That’s what we hope for and what we’re looking for. We want the revolution to be harmless, peaceful, and non-threatening to the Chinese people. So, I think, if you look at how communism in Former Soviet Union and the former Eastern bloc fell apart. In the early ’90s, you know, the transition in the most countries was peaceful. So, the Whistleblowers’ Movement has always been trying to take down the Chinese Communist Party in a peaceful way. The Whistleblowers’ Movement has never used any violence against dictatorships because we believe that the resistance and the awakening of the people are the most powerful bullets to kill communism.”

Alan: “Yes, 100%.”

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Reference: 郭文贵先生2022年5月15日盖特视频

Original Article:新中国联邦希望用和平的方式推翻中共 – GNEWS

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