On May 15, 2022, Miles Guo revealed in a Live Broadcast that 60% of the money in Binance has been used by Zhao Changpeng to buy NFT. So, it is very difficult to withdraw money from Binance.

Mr. Guo said that it is impossible for you to withdraw money from Binance. Because your money was used to buy other cryptocurrencies and he (Zhao Changpeng) has lost all your money on NFT, Bitcoin and more. In fact, Binance is more miserable than LUNA. Mr. Guo emphasized that he would guarantee every dollar in the Himalaya Reserve, which is the most powerful thing about the Himalaya Reserve. If you go to HSBC and ask to withdraw money or withdraw at the Bank of America, as long as you want to withdraw a large amount of money or many customers go to withdraw money from any bank, a bank run will happen deposits will be gone. Because your deposits times five were lent as loan or mortgage. The bank then will go bankrupt. However, things like this will never happen with Himalaya Reserve.

Source: https://gnews.org/post/p2545265/

Translated/Edited by: Lish
Published by:Wenwu

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