May 17th, 2022

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According to a story in Breibart on May 16th, 2022, it talks about how the lying and totally corrupt Chinese state media jumped on the weekend’s mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, with joy in their hearts, saying it was further evidence that America is the “source of white terrorism,” a world-threatening problem the U.S. government is supposedly covering up by “focusing instead on marshalling allies” against friendly nations like Russia and China.

Unfreakinbelievable to actually call Russia and China ‘friendly’, but this is what the pathetic, childish, school bully of a totalitarian regime does. It simply says ridiculous things like this and prints it and puts it all online for their totally brainwashed citizens to devour, if anyone states that this is maybe untrue or fabricated then a trip to prison awaits them. So surprise surprise this sort of propaganda gets distributed all the time as it is an obvious distraction to the murderous lockdowns that are in effect all over the Chinese mainland.

On Sunday, China’s communist state-run Global Times said that America’s alleged disintegration into a white supremacist bloodbath demonstrates the superiority of Chinese Communist authoritarianism at maintaining social order: Wow even by the Chinese communist party’s standards that is a bit of a stretch to actually say that the authoritarian regime is better at social order when it is obvious to everyone else in the world that they are a load of brutal. organ harvesting hypocrites.

Simply go back a few years to “Murderous Mao” who killed millions of his own people in the ‘cultural revolution’ and the starvation that followed, and the brutal killing of the protesting students in Tiananmen Square back in 1989. This is how communist China deals with so-called ‘social order’ it simply locks up and kills anyone that disagrees with them.

The so-called editorial went on to poke fun at the United States for its commitment to the Second Amendment and gun rights which, of course, are no good at all to genocidal dictatorships like China that prefer their citizens to be disarmed and servile. In China, racial minorities are easily herded into concentration camps for re-education or disposal.

Another Sunday editorial piece of propaganda at the Global Times quoted Communist “observers” who said that, instead of addressing “deep-rooted problems” like “neo-Nazi and white supremacist terrorism,” the U.S. government is scapegoating China and Russia to “score political points.”

The evil CCP has actually got the audacity to play the victim card, all the false imprisonment, killings, brutal murders, organ harvesting, starvation, and absolute cruelty to their own people and they have the blatant nerve to call their system as fair and just hmmmmmmmm let that sink in a while.

Editors Comments: The totally evil and corrupt Chinese Communist Party is simply trying to deflect attention away from its own failings with the brutal lockdowns all across mainland China. The evil, brutal, totally uncaring CCP are mistreating, beating, imprisoning as well as starving their people all in the name of their ridiculous Covid-Zero Policy, which is obviously all about power and control. Just like a childish school bully, they attack everyone else when they feel threatened and with everything that is going on in mainland China, there is a lot for them to feel threatened about. The world is well aware of the Chinese propaganda machine that is the state-run media in mainland China, and their stories are totally unbelievable as they are from totally uneducated individuals that are fearful for their lives if they do not write such misleading and pro-China stories. The poor Chinese citizens have to believe, they are brainwashed to believe, and if they do not believe they would be risking their lives as well as the lives of their family and friends. The World Needs To Come Together And Take Down The Evil CCP.

For more information about this outrageous story simply click the link: China Declares America ‘the Source of White Terrorism’

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