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According to the “News Express,” a man in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, was arrested on May 12 on suspicion of disturbing the “Stop Asian Hatred” protest march and was charged with two counts of “interfering with federally protected activities motivated by prejudice.” Crimes.

Image Source: nbcnews

According to the indictment, at a rally to stop Asian hatred held in Diamond Bar City on March 2, 2021, 56-year-old Steve. Lee. Dominguez (Steve Lee Dominguez) Dominguez was driving a black Honda four-door sedan and was stopped at a red light at the intersection. He shouted: “Go back to China!” And other racial slurs against the demonstrators.

He then called the police, called himself “John Doe” (anonymous), and lied to the police that the rally participants blocked the street and wanted to step on his car, forcing him to run a red light. He also asked the police to “exercise some control” at the intersection.

The report said Dominguez faces 20 years in prison if convicted on both counts of the indictment.


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