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Greetings, my noble fellow fighters. Today is May 16th. It’s Monday again. Another important week.

I just finished my exercise, got sweaty and “watery” — I feel great!

Look at the flowers — they are my favorite. These are azaleas. Do you know how many years it takes for azaleas to grow like this? They’re so beautiful! And look over there; it’s gorgeous! Flowers everywhere, it’s so beautiful. 

I’ll let you take a look. Look, look at the flowers… flowers all around. Really, I love flowers so much.

This week will be another significant week. I have just finished my exercise, and I was sweating a lot. I don’t want to catch a cold from the cold sweat, but I still feel a little chilly.

The morning is really… look at this blue sky and white clouds — it is so beautiful, so lovely! Look at this blue sky and white clouds, brothers and sisters; it is beautiful, gorgeous! I just wonder…when will China ever get a sky like this? How many times a year do we have blue skies like this in China? It is too rare to see. I think this is the most fundamental difference.

Yesterday, particularly yesterday afternoon, I had a meeting with the G-EDU (G-Education team) teachers. Last night at midnight, I had another meeting with a group of friends from Singapore. All of them made me feel that the problem with the present education of Chinese people is really so big, that our Chinese are even still cheering “the kindness of biological parents is inferior to the kindness of the Party” after having been fooled like “boiling frogs” for so many years in CCP China. 

Look at the global stocks, look at the economy, and look at the world today. The United Nation has warned several times that there will be a most significant food crisis for humankind this year, a serious food shortage. And you should also notice, in this ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the damage to the Russian people caused by the corruption of the Russian government. Then you can see in CCP China… the CCP cheats on the Chinese and cheats on itself every day — it deceives Lao-Bai-Xing (ordinary people).

Let’s count from today to Friday, you will see what actions the US will initiate, including both the US and Europe. Russia and Ukraine are at war. However, the Chinese could face punishment every day. Many incidents where the Chinese have been hurt have already taken place on the street. You can go take a look.

The US stocks, even the stock like JP Morgan has fallen from $170 to $110, [that’s what has happened to] this stock. The value of LUNA has gone to zero overnight and it was delisted [from various exchanges]; the price of BITCOIN has fallen 30%…Even ETHEREUM (ETH) — primarily owned by the JP Morgan and Rockefeller families — the price of ETH has dropped so much. As it happens, the so-called stable coins in the US are destabilizing.  

If you look into the present bulk goods and petroleum markets…What do you think will happen in 2022? Think about it. Those factories in CCP China are still expecting to be back to work? If you can have some food, and if your teeth are strong enough to eat food…

[Checking the collar] …Huh, what is wrong?…

As long as you can have some food and have the ability to eat your food — you should thank God for that! What more do you expect, right?  

Next, the relationship between people, between people and society, between people and families in such a society, your ability and morality — everything will undergo the most extreme bottom-line test when facing life and death matters.

Under such circumstances, human rights and humanity are rare because everyone wants to survive, which is the human instinct. Although humans are absolutely different from animals, we have many natural animal instincts.

Although we are hearing the birds chirping and smelling the fragrance of flowers at this moment, we have to face the situation in the US that gas prices have gone up to more than $5 [per gallon], even over $6 … Isn’t it scary? The price of gasoline used to be $3 or $4 or so, it has gone up so much.

Next thing you know, the entire supply chain for supermarkets will collapse. As you may have noticed, products you want to buy are now highly likely out of stock. I ordered a mosquito-proof curtain for my home; it will take twenty weeks to be delivered. Then why do I still need to order it? That will be almost next year.

A trading fund I used to cooperate with, specializing in investing indices and bulk commodities trading, told me that [the market] had gone mad now. They have no idea what will happen overnight — one minute [the market] is up, the next down; one minute this commodity is out of stock, the next minute that one crap out.

The key issue is that the accuracy and the minimum logic of the market has gone. When the market logic is gone, you essentially cannot understand the prices and the circulation of the market, right? That’s the basic principle. 

You cannot estimate the supply volume, you have no way to get the demand data in advance, and all the transportation chains in between are broken… so how can you deal with that? This is the biggest problem that Hong Kong will face next. Hong Kong and Singapore, as the world’s largest logistics ports, connect Asia and the world.

Just like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). It cannot precisely predict what the world’s future demand will be, nor can it estimate the real amount that the global market can supply, how to connect technologies and products, as well as how many [technologies] could transform into actual products.

So how should the market be evaluated? And how should the stock market assess these companies? That’s why the stocks of companies like Apple and Amazon are falling sharply, right?

How much money has disappeared? It’s not just $7 trillion that has evaporated in the last week; how much has evaporated if taking the whole world into account?

Last night, a couple of fellows from the funds I collaborate with, particularly one person in Singapore, said, “Brother-7, think about it. You have seen only the losses already reported by the financial statements in the US. There are a lot more non-assessable losses still not included in the financial reports right now. And how much will those be? Who can tell? Even Gods do not know.”

When I heard this, the muscles in my buttocks began to twitch — because of the anxiety. What had happened? Fortunately, Brother-7 has no money and possesses no stocks, and I never speculate…In this case, I’m not scared. but I’m worried for a lot of people, for many of our compatriots.

Although the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is one of the few who is flourishing [in today’s world], when I speak to the scientist [a Chinese whistleblower who defied the CCP] … When I listened to him talking, I sometimes could not speak anything for a long time, and I always needed to go to the bathroom many times. Because I am nervous! I am so nervous, the muscles of my bladder tightens, contracts … So, I have to go to the bathroom.

The vaccine disaster is horrible! How will the vaccine disaster end in the future? And it is funny how the whole world pretends to be blind to the disaster now, they only talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine, the economy, and stocks.

Stocks are going through ups and downs, but can they do anything to overcome the disaster caused by vaccines? Can they cleanse the viruses that have been injected into your bodies? Or can they fix the adverse reactions caused by the vaccines?

Really, how many people are questioning the so-called “positive” cases currently?  Many people have already had symptoms of the virus infection, but their test results always show “negative”. What’s going on? Because they have been injected with the viruses [the vaccines]. There are many people like this around us.

Therefore, we’re facing an absolutely uncertain, unstable, and much less predictable economic market, food market, and world supply chain market. And humanity worldwide faces a vaccine problem, which has never happened before — let us just call it the “problem” because… — Do not upload this video to my YouTube account.  Such a message is not allowed [by YouTube] because it is “anti-vaccine”. 

Right now, on YouTube, videos questioning vaccines are still being suppressed; they just don’t want people to know the truth about vaccines. What can we do? [YouTube,] you believe there will be no disaster if you do not allow people to talk about the truth? Oh, come on….

Hong Kong has been ruined; Hong Kong’s real estate, banks, those bank loans… The global financial industry and the banks have done so many evil things: monopolies, hijacking, exploitations…  People who are involved in these evil doings will pay the price along with what happens to the banks in Hong Kong and the economy of Hong Kong.

Kiss you all! Maybe I will do a live broadcast on Wednesday.