This is why CCP lets you have vaccine today, give you money if you take it, which hurries you up to death and calls you not to waste resources. Elder patients in nursing home, were taken to crematorium before death.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】6th, May 2022 The Evil CCP Is Terminating Old and Disabled People, the Burden During War, With a Plan


Next, let’s talk about the elders. In the wartime, elders were the most disliked in this country. So I asked that Japanese friend, the mortality in Japan at that time, and which group died the most? His answer was male. I disagreed and said it’s the elders. What’s the situation of birth in Japan? Strictly speaking, in Japan, many people have common dad. Because men battled to death, only women were left. So one man has many children, but without knowing that. What’s it called in Japan? It’s called off-margin house. What does it mean? It doesn’t refer to the network cable. It means “alongside”.

All those places near the road, which is exactly like Xiao Yang’s favorite, it actually existed in Yunnan, called what? The visiting marriage, right? A woman, pays a visit at night, assumably you know it’s Rushui. You just open the door and welcome!  And she will say “Come on!” So when lights are out. You just sleep together. And afterwards, in the morning, she will prepare the meal for you. Boil two eggs, or poached, right, and clap your ass, lift your pants, and say goodbye to brother “Xiao Yang”.

Xiao Yang just shook his ass and went towards the next station, to another house, like a breed goat. You know, many Japanese follow that routine. They don’t know who’s their dad. Why? Many men battled to death. So men became the rare kind, so, how about the elder men? When Rushui opens the door, Xiao Yang appears to be bearded and demand the food, so Rushui would slap his face and ask him to leave for his incompetence in sex. So just go away to others, right! Just be away for your bearded appearance, right? For you are completely unable to move, what do I raise you for? Many elders were starved and got sick at home. Japanese elders had the highest death rate in history.

This is why CCP lets you have vaccine today, give you money if you take it, which hurries you up to death and calls you not to waste resources. Elder patients in nursing home were taken to crematorium before death. If I told you several years ago, would you believe it? You must say bullshit. About Wuhan, I firstly told all human beings, just look at Wuhan, where is the booming business, but only 6 people died. However, crematorium operates 24h all night long, stoves were melted down and not enough to use. Steam stoves were delivered here across the nation.

How do you think about the “only 300 deaths” conclusion? Do you agree with that? Now someone has reported what happened in Wuhan. In Wuhan, many elders were directly packed and delivered in the name of viral infection. I didn’t fabricate it, one fellow warrior working in crematorium just told me, he said to me… I’m sorry to mention him for he, he has passed away! I suspect that he was taken out by CCP. He just sent me the video, I was very suspicious of that video. I asked whether or not it’s true. He replied that, you know, people were taken to cremation alive, which horrified me, dares not to use his video.

He told me crematorium was operating 24 hours around the clock, which is really scary. And again, I check the technical data, so genuinely around Wu Han and Huangshi, the cremation business was good beyond imagination. But burning people alive, I can’t believe it. But facts show that, elders were just burnt down alive. Now the video has come out to prove that CCP was systematically killing elders and handicapped people.

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