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Translated by: OX News Team – Lisa

In the special program of Feifei Show on May 15th, Miles Guo talked about the scene of the Formula 1 in Monaco, which gathered the world’s richest people, the Whistleblower Movement, HCoin, Xi Jinping and Putin’s health became the absolute hottest topics on the site.

Image Source: Formula 1

The Monaco Circuit, the venue for Formula 1, was where miles previously visited several times a year. He is very familiar with the local area. There was also a private room for Miles in the hotel. G|Clubs gave a lot of admission tickets, but due to the CCP virus, Miles had refused it.

Despite not being there, Miles has become a source of confidence for many wealthy people. Because the tycoons have invested in the G series, which was unimaginable in the past. According to the disclosure from Miles, half of the Chinese Communist Party’s investment came from these tycoons. The absolute hot topics of discussion on the floor were the Whistleblower Movement, the G-series, HCoin, and Xi Jinping’s health.

In previous years, the track was surrounded by the most luxurious yachts of the CCP and Russia, but this year almost all of them disappeared. Miles’ revelations about the physical condition of Xi Jinping and Putin, the disappearance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, etc., have been verified one by one, The world’s eyes and money are gathering towards the Whistleblower Movement.


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