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Hello fellow fighters, look at this… This is from one of our colleagues, a Ukrainian friend. To my surprise, he actually knew that we were supporting the Ukrainian front line — our fellow fighters who are volunteering at the Ukrainian front line and our New Federal State of China (NFSC). Then, he sent me a gift. I am very moved.

I would like to open it for everyone to see… What’s in it? 

Honestly, I really like the yellow color of the Ukraine flag. This blue color is the same as the blue color of our NFSC flag, the same blue — so pretty! The colors of our flags are alike.

It’s a keychain — I think. 

Oops, uh-oh, is it food? Has he known that I love to eat? …

That’s great! He also wrote a letter. Wow… it’s crystal! So beautiful! Unexpectedly, I thought it was food.

[To Snow (Brother-7’s dog)] Snow, what are you looking at? Um, Snow?…

There is also a letter here. Thank you so much; I really appreciate that! 

Thanks to our fellow fighters who are rescuing the Ukrainians on the front lines. And thanks to all our brothers and sisters. 

Long live Ukraine! 

Thank you all!