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Based on a report on May 14, 2022, an increasing amount of Non-PRC citizens choose to leave China, Due to the China Authority Covid policy. The main reason is the inconvenience caused by isolation measures and nucleic acid testing.  However, the CCP government has created various barriers which make it difficult for Non-PRC citizens to leave the country. And it is even more difficult for those who have a PRC passport to travel overseas.

According to a survey conducted by Hong Kong’s Fox Media, among nearly 1,000 people who hold foreign passports in Shanghai, about 48% of the respondents said they plan to leave China within the next 12 months.

Referring to Reuters, under China’s draconian lockdown measures, it will be more difficult for people living in small and medium-sized cities to leave China because they first have to travel to big cities by international flights.  But most local governments rhetorically say the city is open, but most passenger flights still cannot leave.

According to Reuters, under China’s draconian lockdown measures, those who live in small to medium-size cities are suffering the most, because only a few large cities have direct international flights. 

The National Immigration Administration of the People’s Republic of China stated on May 12, stating that strict entry and departure policies should be implemented, Chinese citizens’ non-essential departure activities should be restricted, and entry and departure documents should be approved and issued strictly.  Only the Immigration Bureau has the final right to interpret the reasons for Chinese residents leaving the country.

Source:中共封控下外籍人士出境困難 本國居民難上加難-Gnews

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