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Translated by: MOS English Team – Sania


For the first time, Biden hosted the Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the White House on May 12 and 13 for the U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit. The Special Summit demonstrated the United States’ enduring commitment to ASEAN, recognized its central role in delivering sustainable solutions to the region’s most pressing challenges, and commemorated 45 years of U.S.-ASEAN relations. The leaders of the eight ASEAN countries were there together except the Philippine president and the leader of Myanmar.

In a live broadcast on May 13th, Miles analyzed the significance of the U.S.-ASEAN Summit. According to Miles, ASEAN is showing its loyalty by going to the United States this time. The core focuses should be seen on the fact of the summit that ASEAN, which has a long and inseparable relationship with the CCP and coming to the U.S. in person to show that they are ready to step out of a relationship with the CCP. This will be a heavy blow to the Chinese Communist Party.

Miles emphasized that many countries around the world have colluded with the CCP and have now started to cheat its money in the name of providing intelligence and resources. These countries include Afghanistan and ASEAN, which came to the U.S. for the Summit. ASEAN’s agricultural products and their participation in the One Belt One Road would be of great help to the CCP.

At this point, when Communist China is facing food shortages and economic disasters that are very likely to occur this year, ASEAN’s turn this time could deal a heavy blow to the CCP. This harm would even be greater than the military-strategic harm.


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