Why do so many Chinese who have become boiling frogs yet still believe that their parents are not as good as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Chinese people’s education has really gone terribly wrong.

The United Nations has warned that humanity is facing the biggest global food crisis.

The global economy is in jeopardy. Once again, Miles warns all our Whistleblower Movement (WM) Warriors from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) not to make any speculative trades as the global economic crisis looms.

• JP Morgan’s stock has fallen from $170 to about $110.
• Will you still believe stable coins are stable after Luna hit zero?
• Bitcoin dropped 30%, while Ethereum was down 20%.
• Gas prices keep soaring.

One of the Miles’ fund firms based on the commodity market said the market is losing its logic as prices become extremely unpredictable.

• Global supply chains are about collapse.
• If there is no market logic, no one can control the market price.
• Hong Kong and Singapore, as the world’s leading cargo transshipment hubs, are facing serious problems now.
• No market is predictable as global supply chains and transportation are about to collapse with demand fluctuations. That’s why Apple, Amazon and Google’s stocks have recently plummeted.
• Hong Kong is finished. And the international world financial monopolies that have been exploiting the people are headed for disaster along with Hong Kong’s economy.
• That 7 trillion dollars lost in US stock markets are just the book value. Not even God knows how much money the world and the United States have been wiped out this time.

Over the past few days, the more Miles talked to our scientist in Europe about the vaccine disaster, the more nervous and frightened he became.

• Now the world is pretending not to see the vaccine catastrophe coming, instead, it keeps talking about the Russia-Ukraine war and the stock market. A better stock market can’t take the toxins out of the bodies of vaccinated people.
• Many people now have Covid symptoms, with negative test results.
• The vaccine disaster has already arrived no matter if the mainstream and social media report the truth about vaccines.

Humanity is in the biggest crisis, with economic instability, food shortages, broken supply chains, and vaccine disasters.

• In order to survive, human beings will activate their animal instincts. Our capacity and morality will be put to a severe test.

Miles may join GETTR’s live broad on Wednesday.  

Source: GETTR Images