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On May 15th, local time in Poland, a reporter from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) in Medyka, Nicole, interviewed three young women from Ukraine. They fled Ukraine. One is from Donbas in the eastern war zone, and the older one is from Lviv in the west. To help Ukrainians suffering from the war, they came to Medyka as volunteers.

Just like the people of the New Federal State of China, they came to Medyka for the same reason to rescue Ukrainian refugees. Nicole, a frontline reporter, saw three young Ukrainian girls weaving garlands and bracelets out of fresh dandelion flowers during their breaktime, which strongly attracted her to know them. For Chinese, if their hometown is being bombarded by enemies, the homeland may no longer exist, and their relatives may go to the war or die in the battle, they will get into their own sorrowness, and they will never have such a mood to make such beautiful little things.

And when Nicole asked a question with understanding their situation, “It should be difficult for you to be forced to leave home, right?” It immediately resonated with them, and they were unafraid to speak their minds. So there was a very touching dialogue between Nicole and the Ukrainian lady, natural and sincere.

Two ladies from different countries met here: one is Ukrainian and the other is from the New Federal State of China, but they both came to the Medyka Rescue Center with the same reason, that is to help refugees who escaped from Ukraine, and they all have been volunteers for more than two months and so they both are familiar with this place.

Both ladies’ compatriots are suffering from the disaster brought by the dictators: the hometown of this Ukrainian lady, Lviv, was bombarded by the aggressor Russia not long ago. Xi Jinping and Putin collude in doing evil. The CCP is supporting Russia in political, economic and military areas; but 1.4 billion people in China have experienced more than 70 years of slavery from the CCP, and are suffering from the disasters caused by the CCP’s vaccine. All kinds of disasters, like the nucleic acid test for all, closing off everywhere, and various “zeroing” policies are making people more miserable.

They both chatted like sisters but faced the same culprit in different countries, that is the communist dictatorship. To deal with dictators, they could only achieve final victory by unity, firm belief, and taking down dictators and communism. Indeed, when someone offers some help in a crisis, how inspired and encouraged they are. How precious the phrase “We stand with the Ukrainian people” is. It does not only mean to be consistent in thought but more importantly, in action. The Ukraine lady sincerely hoped the people of the New Federal State of China successfully overthrow the CCP regime, take down the CCP, and give the 1.4 billion Chinese people the freedom they deserve.

Their conversations showed that they understood each other, shared a common belief, and supported and encouraged each other. It is a dialogue between the peoples of the New Federal State of China and Ukraine, expressing the aspirations of the two peoples, which is really touching.

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Original Article:为同胞得自由共战斗 异国姐妹的感人对白 – GNEWS

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