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Translated by: Himalaya Washington DC — boylatin1L

(Translated transcript of a GETTR video post by Miles Guo on May 12, 2022)

Miles Guo, May 12, 2022 on GETTR: Dear brothers-in-arms, it is May 12th. The global stock markets, and especially Bitcoin, will collapse. When that happens, how many individuals will lose their homes and families? Not only that, as you can see, more exaggerated are the so-called domestic stocks like Tencent and Maotai, those few insurance companies, and real estate stocks. I have no idea how these people will survive the collapse.

There is nothing more painful than this in this world. Those who live on earth watch their piles of assets — so-called money — turn into piles of debts. And when they decide to go to heaven, they realize they can’t. Even going to hell is prohibited. In communist China now, they can’t even go to the kitchen. How pitiful. There is no food in the kitchen. They force you to take nucleic acid tests and make it feel like hell — but don’t allow you to perish. If you suicide, they make your whole family vanish, and you dare not try. Take Jack Ma as an example. Letting him go to heaven would be a bargain for him. If he manages to escape to heaven, the CCP will send all his family to hell. Those who use dreams to deceive people are scarier than the devil. Whether it is Hitler or the so-called great liars of the Roman era, they are all liars.

So what shall I say about the current humanitarian disaster in Hong Kong, brothers and sisters? I noted that Hong Kong would be worse than before and even worse soon. Hong Kong’s tragedy hasn’t started yet. What is happening in Hong Kong today will happen in the mainland tomorrow and will be more shocking. What is the current situation in the country? The so-called “ousting the Tuhao and distributing their wealth” is back. Do you qualify as a Tuhao? Have you the substantial wealth for their distribution? It’s not that they want to take your lands. Now it’s to draw your tendon, strip your bone, and ransack everything from you and your life. Only the New Federal State of China has the scenic prospect of all humankind. The true brothers-in-arms of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal-State of China must be closer than relatives and lovers. Otherwise, you will be outed sooner or later.

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