Written by Skagen

On May 14, two media outlets simultaneously revealed that both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin had health issues. Was that a coincidence of timing for those medias? Why did they expose the health issues of both dictators at the same time?

Miles Guo disclosed more details regarding Xi’s health issues on his May 15 broadcast. Besides the brain surgery to treat the tumor, Xi’s heart, pancreas, spleen and kidneys also have problems. The biggest threat to his life is the C6 spinal cord injury which might kill him any time. 

Miles Guo revealed answers for the questions why the media simultaneously exposed Xi and Putin’s health issues. He said,  “There is no coincidence for sure, but there are three forces to take out Xi”. 

Firstly, Guo denied the existence of the so-called Shanghai gang. While the Shanghai gang led by Jiang Zeming has withdrawn from the internal political struggle, there is an anti-Xi gang who have united in China. 

Guo did not go into details as to who is leading the new political gangs against Xi.

Guo has been close to four generations of Chinese leaders in their life, perhaps no one else in the world has ever accomplished that.

Regarding Xi’s health issues, Guo said, “It was Xi’s opponents who let me know the top-secret intelligence”. 

Guo shared his intelligence tactic, “The highest level in the field of intelligence is when everyone needs you, you will obtain the most important intelligence about everyone. I wanted to let them truly realize that I am the force they need. In return, they were supposed to share their intentions and intelligence”. 

Secondly, there are many other forces in the world who are attempting to oust President Xi. They will have to form alliances with the U.S. and the Whistleblowers’ Movement. Needless to say, the U.S. is the primary player.

Besides these two forces, the Swamp force is even more significant. Since the Swamp learned Xi was in grave danger, and Xi could no longer share their goals or meet their interests, the Swamp would abandon Xi. 

According to Guo, Xi’s daughter has been in New York for a long time.

Guo revealed,  “Wang Qishan was the one who leaked the information about Xi’s health issue”. Wang Qishan is vice-president of the Communist China. According to Guo’s early mention, Wang Qishan represents the Swamp force in China. 

Guo interpreted Wang Qishan’s trick, “Wang Qishan is advocating for Li Keqiang (Prime Minister of the PRC) and manipulated the message that Xi will step down and Li will take over”. 

“Xi is having so much fun from it and  just let Wang do whatever he wanted to do and deliberately took the bait to put on a show”, contiuned Guo.

However, Wang Qishan’s aim is to expose Xi’s health issues, so the Swamp in the U.S. is taking full advantage of it, which fits well with the U.S. strategy to oust Putin and Xi Jinping. 

Thus, the SWAMP, the USA, and the NFSC were the three forces that exposed Xi’s health issues. 

Xi’s personality and his health are associated with the fate of the world  and the fate of Chinese people.

Guo estimated, “The end of this year will be a milestone for us. No later than next July, regarding how Xi’s health and his regime will end, we will see the final answer to that question by then.”


Miles Guo GETTR 5.15.2022