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In the live broadcast on May 15, 2022, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that his YouTube has 350 million followers, and the Whistleblowers Movement is influential on social media. The CCP spends about $2 billion a year to fight the Whistleblowers Movement, and an unnamed country is investigating the CCP’s cyberattack on Mr. Guo. Below are the highlights of the broadcast. 

The social media traffic data demonstrate the influence of the Whistleblowers Movement. 

The initial video of Mr. Miles Guo blowing the whistle has more than 400 million views, but YouTube shows only 8,000 views. In 2017, Miles Guo’s videos reached unprecedented 5 billion views and the world record for reposting. The actual number of followers of Mr. Guo on YouTube is 350 million.

Xi knows the real views of Mr. Guo on social media. He personally called Liu Yanping and asked him to deal with Mr. Guo’s whistleblowing. Peng Liyuan once said, “You guys are so afraid of that person’s (Miles Guo) live broadcast. Have you watched it? Why were all those people transformed after they went abroad? Those two athletes (Ye Zhaoyin and Hao Haidong joined the Whistleblowers Movement) hardly say a serious word in China. How come they can talk for an hour now?”

The fact that the CCP has devoted the state’s resources to suppressing us shows that the Whistleblowers Movement’s way is working, and our real viewership on social media demonstrates the power of the Whistleblowers Movement. Modern warfare is intelligence warfare, information warfare, and technology warfare, which have been perfected by the Whistleblowers Movement. Our psychological warfare uses the absolute truth without cheating, fashion warfare, and cultural warfare.

Despite the CCP’s tight grip, satellites and the Internet offer the possibility of destroying the CCP by the CCP. Intelligence in the Internet age is transmitted in seconds, hence the choice of live broadcast for Mr. Guo and the Whistleblowers Movement. Mr. Guo’s speech is the most valuable weapon ever, and his mouth is worth an army.

The swamp’s collusion with the CCP threatens the NFSC (New Federal State of China) and the world.

The Whistleblowers Movement has been hacked not only by the CCP but also by the swamp. Before the CCP virus and vaccine issues came up, the Whistleblowers Movement encountered the most cyberattacks. The truth about viruses and vaccines is the most tempered now, and the Whistleblowers Movement ranks second.

YouTube’s data comes from Google, which can manipulate statistics at will. The Stanford Report is in cooperation with US officials, but Stanford is afraid to offend Google.

Both China and America’s top officials have actual data on social media, so the Twitter war is not about money but life and death and politics.

The US and world media are effectively in the hands of five families, and the data centers are even more so with only three players. If they say Putin has cancer, then he has cancer. The news of Xi’s brain aneurysm quickly reached 1.3 billion views since its release.

What is the reason behind YouTube keeping Mr. Miles Guo’s account alive but banning streaming?

Every time Miles Guo streamed on YouTube, 5000 servers were hacked by military-grade cyberattacks. To deal with the problem, YouTube set up a special team. In addition, YouTube also considered its interests in China. In the end, YouTube kept Mr. Miles Guo’s account alive but banned streaming.

Wang Enge introduced the middle man to handle the issue between Mr. Guo and YouTube. Wang Eenge used his real Twitter account to contact Mr. Guo and offered to refund the $1 billion donations.

An unnamed country is investigating the story behind Mr. Guo’s YouTube account.

Key players participated in the Stanford Report tell Mr. Guo that an unnamed country is investigating the story behind Mr. Guo’s YouTube account, so the censorship on Mr. Guo’s account may soon be lifted. This issue is a matter of war under US law, and what has happened to Mr. Guo, who has been residing in the US, is an attack on the United States.

The CCP spends about $2 billion a year to confront Mr. Miles Guo.

The Whistleblowers Movement’s strategies and its social media’s influence are more powerful than the missiles in the Russia-Ukraine war. They have instilled more fear in the CCP than everything else combined. Bruno Wu alone used over $1 billion against Mr. Guo every year. To pull the BBC and Germany’s Spiegel interviews with Mr. Guo, the CCP spent £200 million. HNA budgeted $150 million just to censor Mr. Guo in Hong Kong. The money the CCP spent against Mr. Guo amounted to about $2 billion a year, totaling about $20 billion over the years, while the expenditures on the two fleets in the South China Sea and the East China Sea only amounted to $50 billion. Before 2018, the CCP raised cash from the seized assets of Mr. Guo trying to eliminate Mr. Guo, after which it spent the $6 billion seized from Xiao Jianhua.

The CCP threatened engineers with death and warned them not to cooperate with the Whistleblowers Movement.

WhatsApp is insecure. WeChat’s former senior engineer helped Mr. Guo develop a private messager app using secure blockchain technology. The app reached 1.6 million users in one month during the testing phase. The CCP knocked at her door and warned that her entire family would be shot if she passed on the app to Mr. Guo. After that, the CCP controls all capable people and platforms in China to prevent them from working with Mr. Guo.

Gettr investors are bullish on the market in post-CCP China.

According to Gettr’s real operation data, its value has surpassed Twitter’s. Gettr has sufficient funds and will surely become the best media globally in the future. During yesterday’s F1 race, 27 people sitting at a table in the most luxurious hotel in Monaco all invested in the G series. The most discussed topics were Himalaya Coin, the Whistleblowers Movement, Xi’s health, and the disappearance of Russian and Chinese luxury yachts.

Wang Qishan leaked the news of Xi’s illness. No later than next July, Xi’s health condition and the regime will conclude.

It’s no accident that the media exposed that both Putin and Xi are sick. China no longer has the Shanghai faction, but there is still the anti-Xi faction. Mr. Guo fully knows Xi’s whereabouts because all factions need Mr. Guo and provide him with information. More importantly, when the swamp finds out that Xi is useless, it will surely abandon him. It is in America’s interest to remove Putin and Xi now.

Wang Qishan leaked the news of Xi’s illness. He also praised Li Keqiang and spread the rumor that Li would replace Xi. 

Xi’s daughter has been living in the US for a long time.

Xi had surgery on his pancreas and spleen and underwent a heart bypass. He has problems with his cervical vertebrae after being hit by a tractor in Liangjiahe during the Cultural Revolution, so his neck could break at any time. Xi has brain aneurysm, which runs in his family, including his father and brother. Xi also suffers from hydronephrosis. However, Xi has not written a will. Xi’s illness matters to the Chinese people and the world. By the end of this year, no later than next July, Xi’s health and the regime will conclude.

The sicker Xi gets, the more ruthless he will be on Taiwan.

It is impossible for the anti-Xi faction to take advantage of Xi’s illness to remove him because no organization in human history is more tightly organized than the CCP. Even Peng Liyuan will find it hard to get the opportunity to assassinate Xi. 

The CCP leaders don’t drink other people’s water. Back then, Hu Jintao’s wife visited Pangu and drank water provided by Mr. Guo, a show of deep trust.

Xi believes that the deaths of the Chinese people are good for the country, just like many human cells die every day.

The ideology of the dynasty has convinced Xi that the world belongs to the Xi family and that democracy should not be allowed. He never cares about the life and death of ordinary people. His close aides are “slaves in the family,” the people around him are the “slaves in the neighborhood,” and the common people are the “working animals.” Xi loves to read, but all he reads are from Marx-Lenin and the Tsar era.

The CCP is behind the recent digital currency sell-off.

The forces behind NFT and Ethereum are the swamp such as Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs and the representatives of the Zhu Rongji and Wang Qishan such as Lufax and Neil Shen. The most corrupt official in China is Zhu Rongji, followed by Wang Qishan. Neil Shen controls $300-500 billion in assets.

Only those few who own 96% of Bitcoin can dump 20% of the cryptocurrency. One hundred and ten people committed suicide during the digital coin sell-off, which has wiped out $7 trillion in the US. The next thing to go wrong is financial institutions. It’s the CCP’s perfect unrestricted economic war against the US.

Sixty percent of Zhao Changpeng’s (Binance) money was used to buy NFT.

Himalaya Dollar is backed by the equal value of the US dollar sitting in the bank, which will not be invested in other financial products or misappropriated. Therefore, Himalaya Dollar will not be impacted by the market fluctuation. 

The fundamental problem with the stable coin LUNA is its peg to Bitcoin. The swamp and the CCP have plenty of money to bet against the speculators through shorting. The key to a stable coin is that the anchored assets cannot have any leverage and should not be misappropriated.

Sixty percent of Zhao Changpeng’s (Binance) money was used to buy NFT, so it’s impossible to withdraw cash from Binance, which will end up worse than LUNA.

Since the CCP couldn’t control Lufax’s fate, it will crush the global market.

Lufax plays with state power and oligopolies, while Ant Financial rips off common people, but both are scams. Since the CCP failed to block the delisting of Lufax, it will deliberately create market turmoils. People like Peter Ma, Neil Shen, Pony Ma, Yan Yan, and Shan Weijian can play the game of crushing the market once a week.

All of China’s intelligence and finance for the past fifty years has been in the hands of Zhu Rongji and Wang Qishan. Although Xi wants to eliminate the two, he doesn’t dare to.

Even without the CCP, there would have been an economic crisis in the United States.

The weakness of the United States is the bipartisan politics, infighting, racial issues, etc. Lobbying culture is a constant force in Washington, and the US government is sitting on the money.

The saddest part of the journey to take down the CCP is the relationship between people.

Those who can persistently detest the CCP are heroic. The Chinese have been ruled by the CCP for 100 years thank to their cowardliness and selfishness. The path to take down the CCP is filled with bewilderment.

The saddest thing for Mr. Guo is the relationship between people, including family and friends. Once a very good female business partner betrayed Mr. Guo. She did not believe in Mr. Guo’s mission to terminate the CCP. Now she is spending the rest of her life in prison. 

The NFSC and the Whistleblowers Movement need to find good, brave, honest, kind, and selfless people. Mr. Guo often gets perplexed. Brothers in arms should not attack each other so that Mr. Guo will have less bewilderment.  (All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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