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On May 13th in a live broadcast, Miles Guo talked about the post pandemic and Covid vaccine mandates and disaster.

He said according to the defector scientist from the Communist China, the trend of ending the worldwide Covid vaccine mandates cannot be reversed by any government.

He mentioned that all governments getting in touch with him are considering revoking the vaccine mandates, however, they have to assess the possible consequence first before withdrawing the mandates as they fear of being held accountable for all vaccine caused injuries and deaths. But he believes there’s no doubt that eventually the whole world will drop the vaccine mandates.

In addition, he also brought a great news from the defector scientist that currently the Chinese Communist Party – CCP is highly unlikely to release any more of so-called original coronavirus or we can say that CCP has used up their virus stock.

The Covid virus is their ultimate weapon and as time goes by, it’ll be cleaned out by humans!

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