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Translated by: Himalaya Washington DC-boylatin1L

Due to the prolongation of the CCP virus (Coronavirus) pandemic, social unrest, and the economic downturn, physical and mental discomfort called “coronavirus depression” becomes prevalent in Fukui Prefecture. Psychiatrists have urged troubled and disturbed people to consult a specialized agency as soon as possible.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that in the pandemic, cases of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol dependence, etc., are increasing worldwide. Since the virus outbreak in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, in 2020, suicide and domestic violence (DV) cases have increased. It is widely believed that restrictions on going out, suspension of classes, and the increasing popularity of working from home are among the causes.

Tetsuto Murata, director of the Fukui Prefectural Hospital Spiritual Medical Center (Fukui City), pointed out that “due to extended period of online classes and working from home, the body and mind may become exhausted without knowing it.” The center has seen an increase of about 5-10% in the number of seriously ill patients with mental illness in 2021, compared to previous years. It also witnessed increased emergency cases for attempted suicides.

The functions of supporting patients in areas such as day service and visiting care have not been able to fully function due to the CCP virus. The center director, Murata, explained that “it has not returned to normal status.”

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For those who tend to drink, we are also concerned about the normalization of excessive drinking at home and emphasize the importance of “support without isolation.”

Matsubara Hospital (in the same city) also had 10% more patients complaining on mental discomfort.

Rokuro Matsubara, the board director, analyzed that “in addition to economic problems, isolation and lack of leisure time due to behavioral restrictions also have a profound impact. It is especially evident in the 20-40 age group.”


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