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Translated by: MOS English Team—Sania

During a grand live broadcast on May 10, Miles Guo expressed that double explosion in the economy and vaccine catastrophe would start from May.

The CCP Virus mandatory vaccination has been completely stopped and vaccine accountability will continue. The number of various cancers, especially for gynecologic cancers and cerebrovascular diseases, is on the rise worldwide. U.S. stocks plummeted, Hong Kong is considering how to cope with being removed from the SWIFT system, the commodity price is rising in the world and the inflation in the U.S. approaching 10%, which are validating the coming of a major economic collapse.

Human beings in the aftermath of the disaster will face two massive changes: an era of digital currency and metauniverse, which will make current governments and society difficult to maintain. Traditional media will be replaced, and the military power, money and propaganda tools that used by the governments to control their people will be completely changed.


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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