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Translated by: MOS English Team—Sania

In a grand live broadcast on May 13th, 2022, Miles Guo explained three main reasons why countries around the world have not acknowledged the truth about the CCP Virus vaccine crisis.

Firstly, once the U.S. admits the vaccine injuries, the government will have to take responsibility to the whole world, which will lead to a political, economic, and even military disaster. Secondly, if Europe admits this, the entire European government must pay those victims compensation according to their laws, which will cause the entire Europe is completely bankrupt and disintegrated. Thirdly, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, small dictatorships in the Middle East and Africa cannot afford to have people die. Large numbers of deaths would result in fears in society and impact the population structures in these countries.

Miles Guo said that it is too early for those countries to acknowledge the CCP Virus vaccine crisis, but eventually it will be admitted, and by then it will inevitably lead to a huge disaster in political, social, military and financial fields.


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