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Translated by: MOS English Team-Jack H

On May 15th, a small video went viral on social networks. A Beijing woman, faced with the Covid-pass required by the epidemic control personnel, said she could not understand, could not know, and could not cooperate. Even facing their recording camera, she purposely made many different beautiful poses. She let them take pictures or videos as many as possible. She was very relaxed, dealing them with no fear, but resolutely rejected their control measures.

At the beginning of the CCP-virus pandemic, the public everywhere seemed to be working with the epidemic control stuff. Even during the enforced lockdown in Shanghai, others scoffed at those who tried to tell the truth to awaken them. No one resisted, and those who did not resist still laugh at those who resisted. With the step-by-step increase in isolation, more and more people realized that this is not epidemic prevention at all, but a humanitarian disaster created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). People’s resistance could be seen in many small videos. If it had been, the Beijing lady’s actions would have been called lunatic, foolish, and insane. But now it seems everyone agrees and lauds for what she did. On the internet, she won all compliments like Queen, Chinese cool girl etc.

Miles Guo once mentioned in a live broadcast, the violent prevention of the CCP-virus epidemic in Shanghai and Beijing has created humanitarian disasters. It is making more and more people who did not believe in destruction of the CCP change their mind. Mr. Guo said he is more confident than ever before to restore Chinese conscience, as all the Chinese people are in the great wake-up process now.

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