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From March 31st to April 6th, 2022, there were 8.48 million new cases of CCP virus reported worldwide excluding Communist China, down 21.3% from the 10.78 million new cases last week. In addition, 25,227 new deaths were recorded this week, down 23.8% from the 33,105 deaths last week. It was the fifth consecutive week that the new cases and deaths demonstrated a negative growth worldwide. As April 6th, the world had received a total of 8.22 billion doses of CCP virus vaccine excluding Communist China, an increase of 0.611% from March 31st. The global CCP virus vaccination has stabilized with growth rate below one percent for a month. On March 31, the Vanity Fair released a report exposing the details how Anthony Fauci,director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Disease (NIAID) and Francis Collins and former director of the National Institute of Health (NIH), precluded tracing the origins of CCP virus at the early stages of the pandemic outbreak.

Article:Weekly Review Of CCP Virus And Vaccine Information – GNEWS

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