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Translated by: MOS English Team – Jack H

India has suddenly banned export of foods as concerns of insufficient supplies, although it once promised to increase its export with aim to help feed people in other areas of the world.

Image Source: voa

Ukraine is a major exporter of grains such as wheat, but its export has been affected due to the Russian invasion.  On the other hand, India as one of the world main suppliers of cereals has also adjusted its policy as a result, saying its food export is record breaking this year, but has to ensure its domestic food security, hence, the abrupt change of directives.

Expert said inflation has pushed up India’s CPI, while a sudden heatwave sparked fears of poor food harvest, which are some of the reasons for the move.

Image Source: the Economic Times

Russian-Ukrainian war, vaccine disaster, economic catastrophe, and food price soaring; all of these create turbulence throughout the whole.  As Mr. Guo once said, “the most expensive things are food and water in the future… we are in the midst of great changes unseen in a thousand years, and the world is being changed.”


Edited and Posted by: Linda Progress
Posted by: Peter Chen

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