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A foreign report mentioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine, was exposed on the 14th and may have leukemia. The news comes from the oligarchy, an emerging conglomerate which have close ties to the Kremlin. The group, about 200 people, comprises energy companies and other companies that have economically benefited enormously from supporting the regime.

Image Credit: Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel/Pool via REUTERS

The source said he complained that Putin “lost his mind” because of his back surgery for leukemia before ordering the invasion of Ukraine in conversations with management. Members of the oligarchy expressed dissatisfaction with the state of Russia’s economy and yearned for his death, saying: “The problem is Putin’s head. Sadly, a madman can turn the world upside down.”

There are multiple speculations about Putin’s health. During a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu last month, he was seen holding onto the side of a table to support himself, wrapping himself in a blanket during the Victory Day parade on the 9th. Medical experts pointed out that his face was puffy, and he may have been on steroids prescribed for cancer treatment.

An investigation by the independent Russian press showed that Putin used the habit of flushing deer antler blood to treat cancer. In addition, the press confirmed that three doctors had accompanied him, and the Russian government very much wanted people to eliminate speculation about his health. He allegedly sent a memo to those involved, telling them to ignore speculation that he was “only going to survive for a few months.”

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