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On April 30, Miles Guo released a short video of Gettr, analyzing the current and future domestic situation of the CCP. Mr. Guo said that government departments such as counties, townships, and cities in Communist China have begun to blatantly deceive, cheat, demand, and rob the public, but the nightmare has not really begun.

The massive amounts of cancer, cardiovascular disease, as well as hospital looting, and social and economic collapse due to the vaccine disaster have not begun yet. From an international perspective, this year is the darkest day for mankind. The annual reports of some companies in the United States and Europe these days show that the world economy is also collapsing. The shrinking of the world economy will aggravate the domestic crisis. Communist China does not have any basic economic production capacity of its own and is highly dependent on the world. Under the current management model of the CCP, from any point of view, Communist China will face serious disasters.

Article: Video | The Economy And Society Of Communist China Will Collapse, The Nightmare Has Not Really Begun

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