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On Apr 29th, Russian volunteer Natasha accepted the interview from the NFSC’s fellow fighter Nicole at the rescue frontline Medyka, Poland.

Natasha said many Russians supported neither Putin nor his war against Ukraine, and she sincerely hoped the Chinese people and Russian people would be freed from authoritarian regimes. Consequently, she took concrete actions to assist those displaced Ukrainian refugees, and demonstrated to Ukraine and the rest of the world that she was completely opposed to Putin’s aggression against the neighbouring state.

Many Russian volunteers were imprisoned for their opposition to Putin or fined for protests, whereas they took pride in helping and supporting Ukrainians.

Natasha said they wore the white vests emblazoned with the slogan Russians for Ukrainians. Finally, she extended sincere wishes for a free Russia as well as a free China and firmly believed that everyone was going to be free.

Article: Video | Russian volunteer supports Ukraine and wishes for Chinese people to be free

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