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On April 29, a Japanese journalist once again contacted a frontline reporter in Shanghai to learn about the current control and lockdown situations in Shanghai. The Japanese journalist said that although the Communist authorities in Shanghai have lifted the blockade in some areas, the lockdown enforcement remains strict in places where nucleic acid-positive individuals have appeared.

The Communist authorities have ordered to install Isolation fences that are higher than average human heights on some streets and entrances to residential buildings. Residents generally question the safety of this initiative and worry that in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other safety emergencies, the fences would make it impossible for people in the entire building to escape. Residents have already removed the barriers themselves and had disputes with the Communist military and police.

The journalist pointed out that the measures of installing fences is superficial, very unscientific, and has serious safety risks. He further explained that in Communist China, local governments must unconditionally implement the central government’s decisions. The CCP’s zero-tolerance policy that’s been implementign for more than two years has long been a political movement.

Article: Japanese Reporter Continues To Expose the Nature of Shanghai Epidemic Prevention

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