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Translated by: MOS English Team – Wenqin

In a live broadcast with his fellow fighters on May 13th, Mr. Miles Guo shared his analysis of Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Image Credit: REUTERS

The acquisition of Twitter is the most important bet in Musk’s life, and it is much more meaningful than the success or failure of a business. For self-made entrepreneur, regardless of success or failure, the initiative is in their own hands. The acquisition of Twitter involves too many stakeholders. There are political left and right factions in the United States, and there are black hands like the Communist China behind it. Neil Shen and Changpeng Zhao of the Communist China have joined the acquisition. The intricate political interests of all parties are not something Musk can bear.

When it comes to Twitter, which is even more worrying. Twitter consists of 50%-60% veteran employees, which is very rare in the United States. However, Musk’s acquisition has made Twitter’s staffs panic, and executives are all ready to leave. Even if they don’t leave, the people’s hearts have begun to fall apart. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has been put on hold. Twitter are always involve in the sales of the company, but it always fail to complete the deal. External turmoil and internal team instability are bound to lead to the ups and downs of stock prices. Twitter may have been destroyed in the instabilities.

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