Written by: Cici
Himalaya Nuremberg Germany

KYIV/MARIUPOL, April 22 (Reuters) – Moscow wants full control of southern Ukraine, a Russian general said on Friday, and Ukraine said the statement was a lie that Russia had previously claimed it had no territorial ambitions.

The general described Moscow’s goals in new, broader terms. Ukraine said comments showed Russia was seeking occupation.

Moscow has previously said its goal is to liberate Ukrainians that is a ridiculous lie. Most of Ukraine’s cities were severely damaged by attacks from Russian troops. Houses, hospitals, and cultural heritage were bombed, a large number of civilians died, including children, and nearly ten million Ukrainians were displaced and fled. Many children have lost their parents, which is heartbreaking. Is this humanitarian catastrophe Russia’s so-called liberation of Ukrainians? Ugly lies! That is a violation of human rights and a crime.

How long does Russia want this absurd humanitarian catastrophe to last? the Ukrainian people are dying, the Russian soldiers are dying at the same time. The war is a disaster for both, which is criticized by the people of the world.