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During the live broadcast on May 10th, Miles Guo also mentioned the outbreak of Russian-Ukrainian war had paved the way for taking down the CCP in the world.

Miles believes that if President Trump had been re-elected back in 2020, it would have prevented the war from happening,  it would absolutely work to our advantage. In that case, Taiwan would be the biggest sacrifice.

Miles explained that if the war had not happened, the U.S. would hardly take the initiative to protect Taiwan, and the world landscape today would be under a different scenario: The people of Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China will be in the ceaseless war after the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan. But the current outcome of the Russian-Ukrainian war proves Putin’s defeat is inevitable on one hand, and leaves Xi Jinping with no choice on the other. As a result, communism is bound to be wiped out.

Posted by: 呼吸的雾霾(文小呼吸)

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