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John Thornton has deeper connections on Wall Street. He became Chairman of the Brookings Institution in 2003, a top US think-tank with a high profile in China. In America, Thornton is regarded as China Hand. In 2006, The John L. Thornton China Center was founded. In 2008, Thornton was awarded the Chinese Government’s Friendship Award, and the Chinese government named him as one of fifteen foreign experts who have made significant contributions to China’s development over the past three decades.

Publicly information shows that Thornton joined Goldman Sachs in 1980 and served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs International in London from 1995 to 1996; Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia from 1996 to 1998; and Co-President of Goldman Sachs in 1999. He left Goldman Sachs in 2003 and became a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Thornton is the first non-Chinese full professor at Tsinghua University since 1949.

During Thornton’s working at Goldman Sachs, G.S. became the underwriter of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state-owned enterprises for the Wall Street and completed IPOs for China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, CNOOC, State Grid Corporation of China, ICBC, China Life Insurance (Group) Company and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company Of China, LTD., as well as Baidu, Beyoncé, R&F Group and Sina at the U.S. capital market.

Thornton is given dozens of dazzling titles in China, and he himself is an unabashed fan of the CCP. Yet externally, he appears as a mediator and expert scholar on U.S.-China relations.

In November 2021 interviewed by the Chinese think tank CCG, he asserted that China-US relationship is and will be the most important bilateral relationship of the century; he is sceptical of opinions on China-US relationship, such as inflection points, decoupling, or Cold War; and that there can’t be confrontation when China and the U.S. can compete or cooperate.

In September 2021, Thornton made a six-week secret visit to China despite pressure from within the U.S. government, visiting Shanghai, Beijing, and Xinjiang, and was invited to meet Han Zheng, a senior Chinese official “as an unofficial channel of communication between the United States and China”. The CCP compared Thornton’s trip to “Kissinger’s 1971 secret trip to China”, hoping that Thornton would be the man who could break the ice for China-US relationship.

Thornton’s influence on China-US relationship speaks for itself, and his actual support for the CCP is “consistent with his words”. So, is Thornton just a “businessman” or a senior Wall Street lobbyist on commission? How deep does he conclude with the CCP? Here are a few examples.

In October 2017, the Brookings Institution published a report on “Urban Innovation and Best Practices,” praising the use of Huawei’s new technologies to improve policing and oversight in Kenya’s capital and Lijiang, China. The Brookings Institution gave highly praise of Huawei’s technology in the report, which was sponsored by Huawei. U.S. media revealed that the Brookings Institution has unusual ties with Huawei, with Thornton serving as its president of the institution at the time.

In September 2017, Thornton helped arrange a meeting between Steve Bannon and Wang Qishan, a friend of Thornton’s and former president of the China Construction Bank and vice president of China, at Zhongnanhai, after Bannon had resigned as an adviser to President Trump.

In September 2018, Thornton organized a China-US financial bigwig seminar in Beijing with former People’s Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan to solicit ideas from Wall Street for improving China-US relationship. After the meeting, Thornton was invited to meet Wang Qishan.

The above signs indicate that  he is more than a senior Wall Street lobbyist, as Thornton closely ties up with Wang Qishan and makes acquaintance with Zhou Xiaochuan. Wang Qishan is the financial czar in China, with whom Thornton is intimate. Mr. Guo has already exposed that they are both members of the “Freemasons”. Take a look at the following timeline which may enlighten you a bit:

2006, the establishment of the John L. Thornton China Centre.

September 2007, China’s sovereign wealth funds CIC was established and immediately took a 10% stake in BlackRock. CIC was led by Wang Qishan’s lover, Gao Yanyan, whose huge losses in investing BlackRock became a classic joke.

In 2008, Thornton was awarded the Friendship Award of the People’s Republic of China, the highest honour bestowed on a non-Chinese citizen.

In 2009, Thornton became the first member of the China Investment International Advisory Board.

In 2013, BlackRock Chairman Schwarzman created the Schwarzman Scholars, of which Thornton is a founding member, and in 2017, his son J.R. Thornton became a Schwarzman Scholar by participating in the program.

Mr. Miles Guo said in his live broadcast on October 13, 2021:

Wang Qishan used to take trillions of dollars to bribe the world (judicial and lawful circles) and Gao Yanyan is the first founder of China CIC. The day after it was founded, CIC invested $3 billion in BlackRock. Look at how much money Gao Yanyan has invested on behalf of several major investment funds. There must be a law firm, a fund, and an accountant behind every investment. Think about what role Gao Yanyan plays in Wall Street? Without exaggeration: with her left foot on Wall Street and right foot in Washington – White House, she is sitting half of the United States!

Since it was founded in 2007, CIC, at its largest market value of $1.4 trillion, has been investing in BlackRock and then Morgan Stanley, with long-term loss on its books. It is certain that the deals behind the scenes can’t be exposed to the world. Thornton must have played a key role in the behind-the-scenes dealings between CIC and Wall Street, otherwise the CCP would not have respected him with the treatment as the same as Kissinger had.

In addition, John L. Thornton Centre Director Li Cheng, a Chinese American, has a very full resume.

-Grew up in Shanghai during the Cultural Revolution.

-Graduated from East China Normal University.

-In 1985, he came to the United States in 1985 and gained a master’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Princeton University.

-From 1993 to 1995, he worked in China as a sponsored researcher.

-In 2006, he joined the Brookings Institution.

I don’t have any intelligence resources to speculate on his identity, but the Brookings Institution articles published by Li Cheng can be found everywhere in Chinese circles, and the views are expressed in favor of CCP and are full of praise for the CCP:

-In March 2022: “5.5% GDP target highlights China’s role as a world economic leader”.

-In December 2021: “In the future, it is of great probability that China and the United States will evenly match”.

-In September 2021: “United States in chaos is dangerous for the world”.

-In May 2020: “China has a great future. It is unrealistic to decouple China and the United States.”.

-In October 2019: “The West needs to learn more about China.”

All signs indicate that John Thornton is by no means a senior Wall Street lobbyist because what he says and does is deeply branded for the CCP. They become a community with shared interests. Therefore, it is more appropriate to call him the top spokesman of the CCP on Wall Street.

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