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Translator: MOS Fitness Team – Ashley W

In the live broadcast on May 13 with fellow fighters, Miles Guo shed light on the intricacies of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Miles said that the acquisition of Twitter could be deemed as the most important bet of Musk’s life, so that its impact far outweighs the success or failure of any of his business ventures.

When you own a business, you have more control over how it works, regardless of whether it succeeds or not. However, when it comes to Twitter’s case, the acquisition inevitably involves the interests of various parties, such as the political and business elites from the American left and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that is behind the scenes under the guise of Sequoia Capital and Binance.

Representing the capital of the CCP, Neil Shen of Sequoia Capital and Changpeng Zhao of Binance both have joined the acquisition with a sizable amount of capital, therefore, Musk has to deal with the intricate political interests of all parties.

Prior to this event, Twitter had enjoyed the stability of a workforce that is rarely seen among the Big Tech companies – more than half of its employees had stayed with the company long-term. However, this buy-out move by Musk has put Twitter on edge internally, causing its executives on the move to exit, and the trust and confidence of the employees to fall apart.

Now Musk has slammed on the breaks, which only means this deal will be sidelined. From now on, more buyers are expected to emerge in an attempt to buy out the once-the-darling-of-Wall-Street, but none of them will come to fruition.

Finally, Miles stated that the turmoil of the external situation and the instability of the internal workforce will inevitably lead to choppy share prices for Twitter, whose future will be precarious amid the volatility of the stock market.


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