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Russia and Ukraine hold peace talk but are still at odds with each other

• Turkey on Apr.6th: The evidence suggests that Russian army have committed atrocities against civilians, which has hampered Turkey’s efforts to mediate a ceasefire and a broader solution between the two countries.
• Ukrainian President on Apr.6th : The evidence shows the Russian army’s atrocities, but the peace talk between Russia and Ukraine should continue.
• Russia on Apr. 7th: Ukrainian negotiators changed the negotiation conditions, including unacceptable contents

NATO Secretary General: Russia-Ukraine war may become a protracted war, lasting for months or even years.

The latest situation on Russia-Ukraine war


• On April 7, the Russian spokesman admitted that Russia had suffered heavy losses in the war with Ukraine.
• The Russian army continues to bomb towns near Northern Donetsk, Radhikov and Kiev.
• It aims to strengthen the control over the whole Donbas area and establish a land bridge connecting Crimea.


• Call on the residents in Donbas to evacuate immediately
• At least 1611 civilian dead and 2227 people injured
• More than 120000 residents in Mariupol were trapped
• Over 4 million refugees fled Ukraine

Bucha Massacre and where is the truth?

• Ukraine: It’s so horrible that a large number of civilian bodies were found at Bucha Town on Apr. 3rd.
• Russia: Ukraine directed it and just fabricated a charge against Russia.
• Chinese Communist Party: all parties shall exercise restraint before reaching a conclusion of the investigation.

Biden’s twitter On Apr. 6th: Russia shall pay a heavy price immediately for its atrocities at Bucha.
On Apr.7th, The judicial institutions of 8 European countries including Germany and France started the investigation of the Bucha massacre.

Sanctions from the West follow one by one

On Apr. 6th, The U.S. strengthen economic sanctions against Russia:

• Comprehensive sanctions against the two largest banks of Russia
• Ban US investment in Russia
• Russia is prohibited from using US dollars to repay its debts
• Imposing sanctions on important Russian State-owned enterprises
• Sanctions were imposed on Russian dignitaries and their families, including Putin’s two adult daughters

On Apr. 6th, UK announces a new round sanctions against Russia:

• Comprehensive sanctions against the Federal Savings Bank of Russia
• Imposing sanctions against Russia’s strategic industries, state-owned companies and eight oligarchs
• It has frozen 60% of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves

On Apr. 7th, Switzerland announced that it had frozen about $8 billion of Russian assets.
On Apr. 8th, Britain sanctioned Putin’s two adult daughters and the daughter of the Russian Foreign Minister.

Russia has been isolated by the West

• On Apr. 7th, The UN General Assembly voted to suspend the qualification of the Russian Human Rights Council
• On Apr. 7th, The United States officially cancels Russia’s most favored nation treatment
• On Apr. 6th, EU countries expelled more than 200 Russian diplomats in two days
• On Apr. 8th, The Japanese government announced the expulsion of eight Russian diplomats

The human being needs faith, freedom and peace

• At the time when the China Communist virus was raging all over the world, the Russia-Ukraine war undoubtedly worsened the world’s food supply, energy security and economic recovery.
• The war launched by the dictator has brought great war trauma and humanitarian disaster to the people of the world.

The justice doctrine pursued by the New Federal State of China shall create a millennium peace in the world.